About JAM Studio

JAM (Junior Art & Music) Studio is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the reach of the power of art. JAM holds art and music classes for kids in underserved communities, as well as for people with autism and other special needs. JAM believes “there is no limit to creativity when your creativity is not limited” and fights to eliminate any and all obstacles preventing or making it difficult for people to be creative. The JAM studio is a place where participants know it is impossible to make a mistake, where they can be entirely themselves, and where there are no judgements. It is a place where stress and negative thoughts evaporate and creativity, self-confidence, and happiness reign. JAM Celebrates Beautiful Differences by fostering a passion for the arts while embracing each beautiful mind that comes through its doors. 

LEARN MORE ABOUT JAM:  https://www.jamstudioct.org/